About Us

With Athens Watchdawg, we’re empowering you to be autonomous. Instead of fearing walking alone at night or in dangerous areas, we want you to be confident in your independence. Our mission is to educate others within the community and change both the attitudes and behaviors associated with personal safety.

The Creators 

Name: Sarah Neal

Major: Consumer Journalism
Class Standing: Junior
Athens Watchdawg is all about keeping you safe, safety is always first!
Name: Alexsis Skeen I th
Major: Public Relations
Class Standing: Second Year 
Why Athens Watchdawg is important to you
Athens Watchdawg is important to me because I don’t want
to have to sacrifice my independence out of fear.
Nia Washinton
Public Relations major
There are so many young adults in Athens that are experiencing
true independence for the first time, and it’s crucial that they
feel/are safe as they enter this new stage in their lives
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Rebecca Waugh

Public Relations
I have known women who have been attacked while walking alone around
Athens and I know even more people who feel afraid and uneasy about walking
around campus and town alone. Athens Watchdawg is a wonderful tool to add to
your personal safety arsenal, so you can walk to your car without fear.
Name: Denise Pleasant   
Major: Public Relations
Class Standing: Junior
Why Athens Watchdawg is important to you: I want to be able to protect myself
when walking alone, and  I have confidence that Athens Watchdawg will
contact my family and best friend the second I’m in trouble.

Sophie Archer

Class of 2015

Digital and Broadcast Journalism Major
Name: Emily Bakhaus
Major: Consumer Journalism
Class: Sophomore
Why Athens Watchdawg is Important to Me: I love to walk alone,
and I often do, so I love to have something convenient to keep
me safe! I believe everyone in Athens should have this too!
Andrew Mendel
 Terry Undecided (MAnagement Information Systems)
 Athens Watchdawg is important to me because it gives people in
Athens the Peace of Mind they want while traveling alone at night.
It has the potential to save many people from assault and crime and
give criminals the punishment they deserve.
Name: Ashley Duncan
Major: Advertising Class Standing: Junior
Why Athens Watchdawg is important to you: 
Athens downtown areastatistically has the highest crime
rate in the Athens community and there are frequent alerts that are sent
to my email about crime that has taken place downtown, especially crimes
that young women were involved in as they were walking home from downtown.
Athens Watchdawg is important to me because as a young woman, I feel that it
is necessary to always take precaution. Having an App that gives me instant
access to my personal emergency contacts and other sources of help  is
a very comforting feeling to have.
Name: Hannah Nieves
Major: Advertising and Spanish
College should be safe for everyone, and
Athens Watchdawg helps Keep it that way!
Victoria Tidwell
Public Relations Major
Athens Watchdawg is a great device to help people of all
ages feel safe in our community.
Kristen Fowler
3rd year Advertising Major
Safety has always been an important issue for me. I’ve grown up hearing
horror stories of what happens to people when they don’t take precautions
and I’ve always been terrified that might happen to me or someone I
care about. So working on the Athens Watchdawg app has been a great way
to work towards giving the people I care about a greater sense of security.