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Once you begin using the app, there is a log in or register entrance screen.

To register, you need to put in your information and the contact information of the people you want to be your emergency contacts.

Once the app has been activated, the user needs to press the screen in order to let the app know that you are safe and no actions need to be taken.

There are two different modes based on the user’s interaction:

–Warning Mode: features a 30 second beep interval. User must press the screen once every thirty seconds. The app works even when the user is not on the screen so that they can still use their phone for other things.

–Danger Mode: If the user has missed pressing the phone for a minute, there is a constant, loud alarm and bright light that can only be deactivated by the user’s password.

The above modes are able to be edited through settings to the user’s preferences. Also able to be edited through these preferences are two separate passwords:

–All’s well- you’re safe, you’re just shutting it off because you’re at your destination and don’t need to use it anymore.

–HELP. This shuts off the alarms portion but immediately sends to your emergency contacts a message saying that you have sent out a distress call and advises them to attempt to contact you. This is in case an attacker tells you to shut off the noise.

The GPS location of your phone will be known while using the app. This will be something you have to agree to in order to use the app.

After ten minutes of danger mode, Watchdawg sends out a generic text to emergency contacts including location and time of the alert. After an hour, they are sent a voicemail reminding them of the alert and advises them to try to get in contact with you.