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Monthly Archives:April 2013

Spring trends

Now that spring is here, it is finally time to break out sundresses, sandals, and high-waisted shorts!! Spring is one of my favorite times of year not only because of the weather and beautiful flowers, but also because if the fashion, ok, 90% of my love for spring is because of the fashion. This season's fashion trends are absolutely amazing. I feel like whoever set the trends for this season read my mind and chose everything that I love in fashion and made it popular again this year. 1. Read More

What is Fashion PR?

" if you can’t enjoy it even in the stressful times, then it’s not the right industry for you." (Green, Fashion PR 101: So, What Do Fashion Publicists Do?)       I am so blessed to have found the perfect career field for me. I can honestly say that public relations is the only profession I could ever imagine going in to. Although I realize how important pr is in the corporate world, whenever I tell people that I am a pr major, a puzzled look often appears on their face. When I tell them Read More

Social Media and Fashion

Ten years ago an individuals personal style was mainly influenced by celebrities on t.v,. fashion magazines, and fashion displayed in the surrounding environment. Although all of these sources of inspiration are still huge aspects in how someone's sense of style develops, a new source has emerged: social media channels. Websites such as, instagram,, and youtube,com have made sharing fashion ideas possible in a new way that is at our fingertips 24/7. I know that my style Read More

Chic and Savvy

Some people would say that I am addicted to clothes, and I kind of have to agree. I know the felling I get when I walk in Forever 21 or receive a package in the mail from isn't healthy. This insane thrill runs through me. Stating that clothes. accessories, and shoes are a form of drug for me would actually be pretty accurate. Clothes and fashion makes me super happy, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If clothes bring you joy, you should be able to purchase them Read More