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Spring trends

Now that spring is here, it is finally time to break out sundresses, sandals, and high-waisted shorts!! Spring is one of my favorite times of year not only because of the weather and beautiful flowers, but also because if the fashion, ok, 90% of my love for spring is because of the fashion. This season’s fashion trends are absolutely amazing. I feel like whoever set the trends for this season read my mind and chose everything that I love in fashion and made it popular again this year. 

1. Cut-outs. 
Can I just say that I pretty much don’t buy a shirt or a top unless it has a cut-out somewhere. Whether the cut-out is on the back, shoulders, or mid-drift, if an item has a cut-out, I’m most-likely going to buy it. 

2. Black and white
I’ve always steered towards this color combo. The contrast looks amazing on every skin-tone, and now that it is socially acceptable to wear this simple, but chic look, I’m going to be rockin this combo at least once a week. 

3. Vertical stripes
The second I saw a pair of black and white vertical stripes in a store, I almost had a heart-attack. This trend reminds me of Beatlejuice, one of my favorite movies. there’s something about this trend that is vampy, but still sexy. I LOVE it


4. Emerald 
This is the “it” color of the season and luckily it is flattering on virtually every skin tone. 

5. florals, high- waist, and lace
These three styles have been around for multiple seasons and I hope they never go out of style. 


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