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What is Fashion PR?

if you can’t enjoy it even in the stressful times, then it’s not the right industry for you.” (Green, Fashion PR 101: So, What Do Fashion Publicists Do?)
      I am so blessed to have found the perfect career field for me. I can honestly say that public relations is the only profession I could ever imagine going in to. Although I realize how important pr is in the corporate world, whenever I tell people that I am a pr major, a puzzled look often appears on their face. When I tell them that I want to go into fashion pr, they become really confused. Most people do not understand what a pr practitioner is or what they do. Because pr is so vital to the survival of a company, I have included a description of a career in fashion pr below. 
  • A PR director is responsible for finding little to no cost ways to successfully promote a company, line, item, or event. They try to build their client and its reputation up within the media and the public. PR directors work with all forms of media outlets such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.
  • There are many pr firms and agencies that take on numerous fashion designers and clients but some big designers, such as Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Tod’s, have in-house pr practitioners that manage all activities related to pr.
What do they do?
  • Public Relation practitioners plan and sponsor charity events, fashion shows, parties, promotional events, and meetings for press conferences. They are also responsible for creating press releases and pitches to introduce or promote a company, event, or product but just pitching an idea is not enough. PR professionals have to find themes and topics that the media will cover and relate them to the objectives of the company the pr professional is working for.
    • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations, advertising, business administration, or fashion merchandising is a necessity.
  • To move into the position of public relations director, a practitioner needs to have at least 8-10 years of experience in fashion public relations and must have numerous contacts within the fashion and lifestyle media industry. A portfolio of proposals and past campaigns is also a must.
Personal Characteristics include
  • developed writing skills
  • ability to work well with teams
  • developed “pitching” skills
  • budget management skills
Career Challenges
  • Public relations was declared one of the top 5 most stressful jobs of 2013 by and numerous other sources. Because of this fact, pr practitioners in the fashion world must be able to work well and act quickly under pressure. They also have to deal negative publicity and crisis communication as well as come up with crisis and recovery plans. Pr directors also need to find creative ways to promote a client on a modest budget, build relationships, and connect with the public and media.
Where to live
  • Washington D.C.
  •  Atlanta 
  • California 
  • New York City

Granger, M.M. (2012). Fashion the industry and its careers. (2ndedition). New York: Fairchild Publications.

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